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Designer dupe perfume oils

Designer dupe perfume oils

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These are smell alike perfume oils! They smell just like the high end perfumes thAt costs hundreds of dollars. 

10ml bottle if oil. A little goes a long way.

Perfume oils are not concentrated with alcohol like spray perfumes, therefore they will last longer. 

Perfume oils smell different on everyone. It depends on your body type, How well your skin absorbs the oil and your daily activities on how long they will last. 

These are perfect for on the go and to try out a scent that you've been wanting, but not wanting to spend $100 or more in a department store. 🤩

colors of the oils may vary. Some pie clear and some are colorful. 

Simply roll the perfume oil onto any part of your body) neck, wrists, behind ears, arms, legs, etc)

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